INTERTIC Conference 2010 in Milano

Hey guys,

this is the first follow up from the INTERTIC Conference in Milano that took place this week. I just came back last night (I had a terrible trip back to Berlin by the way…flight delay and a huge queue in front of the security check…and when we landed in Berlin Tegel the Airport was already closed so we were stuck between the airplane exit and the approach tunnel to the building)….well I hope my French friends were not too much affected by the strikes….at least my flight wasn’t canceled 🙂

Apart from this I think the conference was very interesting and Milano was nicer as I expected. Federico the organizer of the conference is not only perfectly dressed but also a real entertainer so that in between sessions not only the micro version of a coffee was excellent but also the classical music inputs. Henry and I were in the first session of Monday morning and we were quite surprised to enter a crowded lecture room with more than 100 students listening to our presentations and taking notes very ambitiously. The focus of the conference was Innovation, Networks, Standards & Multi-sided Markets. Especially the latter topic of two sided or multisided market implications dominated both days of the conference. We especially learned that you need to know the Armstrong or the Rochet & Tirole model if you wanna model these phenomenon….my impression was that I saw it on almost every slight at the conference! Highlight…not in a professional way…was the gala dinner and the Champagne Aperitivo…were we saw the Schmalensee interview on Italian TV (Richard Schmalensee had a presentation at the conference and therefore was also present at the dinner). Food was great…even though we had a mysterious disappearance on our table. We even went on for another drink that night…as you might see we had good days in Milano…

Pics of this years gala dinner LINK pics of the conference LINK

If you were not present at the conference here is the link to the program and papers:


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