Standards are an important and often underestimated factor of the innovation system. Recently, there has been a lot of interesting research, in particular on the interplay between standardization and patents.

Baron, J., Delcamp, H. Strategic Inputs into Patent Pools (2010)

Delcamp, H. Essential Patents in Pools – Is Value Intrinsic or Induced? (2010)

Pohlmann, T. Attributes and Dynamic Development Phases of Informal ICT Standards Consortia (2010)


Much more information on this subject can be found on the following blogs:

Interview at our resources section

IPRS Trust, a site focusing on antitrust issues

Talk Standards, a more general site with exhaustive information on many standard-related topics

Consortium Info, focusing on informal standardization consortia

OASIS Open Blog, broad discussions about standards in the context of importance, innovation and patents


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