Motives and Barriers to patent in Universities

Author: Tim Pohlmann

Motivation & Goal:

Universities are increasingly trying not only to pursue excellence in research, but further more to exploit its outcomes. A Knowledge and technology transfer of research results and inventions should be optimally posed to generate support and financial returns. The road from an invention to a useful innovation is complex and not always successful. It is critically to question whether research findings are always used in the sense of Universities. The great challenge is the variety of stakeholders that are involved in the innovation process. Therefore I conducted a survey to all patent relevant staff of five Hessian Universities. I received 453 answers of which ca 20% filed a patent in their University.

Open Problem:

The analysis is yet descriptive. The sample covers only Hessian Universities eventhough the Hessian University landscape is quite heterogenous. The whole paper is yet written in German only.

Academic Patent and Innovation System, Discussion Paper on Strategy and Innovation 10-01, Marburg, February 2010, ISSN 1864-2039. (PDF, 710,8 KB)


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