Working Papers

Here you can find the papers of our authors and contributors. There is space for comments, discussion and recommendations. If you want to post your paper, just send us the link and your initial comment in the following format: Titel / Author / Motivation & Goal / Open Problems / Link

Rules: We only want to include working papers or early drafts. No finished or published papers please! Possible topics are listed below. The list is not exhaustive, and papers related to other aspects of the innovation system are welcome.

Currently we feature papers on:


Baron, J., Delcamp, H. Strategic Inputs into Patent Pools (2010)

Baron, J., Pohlmann, T. Essential Patents and Coordination Mechanisms (2010)

Delcamp, H. Essential Patents in Pools – Is Value Intrinsic or Induced? (2009)

Pohlmann, T. Attributes and Dynamic Development Phases of Informal ICT Standards Consortia (2010)

Patents, Copyrights and other IPR

Baron, J., Delcamp, H. Assessing Indicators of Patent Quality: Complex vs. Discrete Technologies (2010)

Pohlmann, T. The Patent Troll Business: An Efficient Way to Enforce IPR? (2009)

R&D Investment / Indicators / Technology Transfer

Pohlmann, T. Motives and Barriers to patent in Universities (2009)


Innovation Ethics

Open Innovation, Open Science

Open Source


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