This is a forum for scientific exchange, political debates and exchange of related ideas on innovation and intellectual creation. We welcome contributions of young researchers in economics, law, political sciences, engineering and whoever else feels concerned.

The blog has two sections. The first section and the heart of the blog are your posts. So far we have thought about three main categories:


Get involved. You can participate at the forum, post articles and comments or just follow the exchange of points of view on a braod range of political issues: IP law and enforcement, open source, open science, antitrust and business law with respect to innovation and IPR, standardization, network regulation etc. The list is not exhaustive, as this part of the blog is intended to discuss what comes up in the world of innovators.


You have some papers in the pipeline and are eager to know what others think about it? You work on innovation, IP, open source, standards or related topics? Share your  insights and results with your fellows and keep the flow of ideas, comments and results alive.


Share call for papers and venues for conferences and seminars.


You always wanted to share some ideas that are a bit too general or too revolutionary to fit into an academic paper? You want to discuss your thoughts even though you’re not 100% sure that all what you’re saying is waterproof? You’re bored of reading always the same papers on always the same technical issues when you feel that something should be said about the system as a whole? Then you might want to participate at our freethinker section.

Furthermore, there are several pages with information.

Visit our library, where you can read and discuss the papers of our authors and contributors. Post your own papers in order to benefit from the feedback of our bloggers.

Check regularly our time table with all the important dates and deadlines. Share your knowledge and raise awareness for your own conferences and seminars.

Find out where to find us: we will tag all contributors on our virtual map, where you will find people working on the same topics as you.

Have a look at our useful information: vacancy announcements, scholarships, grants… Post your announcements or links.

Relax your mind. Share pics, jokes, stories, anecdotes, everything you think is funny and other people think to be nerdy.


Justus from: Cerna, MINES ParisTech

Tim from: TU Berlin

Henry from: Cerna, MINES ParisTech


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