The R&D Management Conference 2012

The aim of The R&D Management Conference 2012 is to comprehensively explore how 21st century organizations will create, capture and deliver value. To achieve this objective, we welcome papers from a broad range of scientific communities and industrial sectors. Papers should illuminate the implications and opportunities for R&D management and innovation and any requirements to advance either theory or practice.


Value creation and competitive advantage are primary objectives for many organizations. Achieving sufficient return on research, development and innovation investments has always been a difficult management challenge. New ways of justifying investments are emerging and industries and science organizations must adjust accordingly. During the 21st century the scientific, technological and business methods to predict and ensure value creation will become increasingly complex and sophisticated. On one side, NEST – New and Emerging Science and Technology – holds the promise of transformative innovation on which new industries can be based. On the other side, market and stakeholder expectations continue to expand. New business models and indeed new industry structures are emerging whilst old structures start to crumble. Environmental issues, sustainability, ethics, corporate social responsibility, new patterns of international competition, new kinds of social and financial institutions and governance, technological maturity, industry decline and disruptive innovation, all introduce constraints and opportunities for new approaches. Meanwhile, continuing with existing methods in existing industries presents a necessary and valuable responsibility.

Four reasons to attend:

1. Update of what is new in Value through R&D Management and Innovation

2. Special issues in peer-reviewed journals (R&D Management Journal, Technovation, Prometheus Critical studies in innovation, International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, International Journal of Technology Management )

3. Enjoy one of the main cluster in micro and nano technology : GIANT Minatec

4. Enjoy the beautiful Hi-tech environment of the capital of the French Alps : Grenoble

Submission of abstracts deadline: January 29, 2012

Submission of full papers deadline : April 15, 2012


About timpohlmann

Tim Pohlmann is a post-doctoral researcher in economics at Mines ParisTech and Berlin Institute of Technology. He specializes in the economic analysis of markets for technology. He earned his doctoral degree with the highest distinctions in August 2012 from the Berlin Institute of Technology with a dissertation on patenting and coordination in ICT standardization. Tim’s research covers the empirical analysis of the trade of patents, patent trolls, standardization consortia and patent pools. He has presented his work at a large number of international conferences. Tim has been actively involved in preparing studies for the European Commission and the German Federal Government on the role of patents in technological standardization and business models in Open Source Software. Doctoral Thesis SSRN author page
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