6th Annual Conference of the EPIP Association: Fine-Tuning IPR debates


The EPIP (European Policy for Intellectual Property) association will hold its 6th Annual Conference on September 8-9, 2011 in Brussels (Belgium). Scholars and practitioners interested in the economic, legal, political and managerial aspects of intellectual property rights are encouraged to attend the conference with or without scientific paper presentation.

As for the previous conferences (Munich, Lund, Berne, Bologna, Maastricht), the 2011 EPIP Annual Conference will address topics of general interest in the area of intellectual property rights (IPRs) policies. Priority will be given to scientific research that contributes to “fine-tune” IPR debates. Each plenary and parallel session will be centered on an IPR debate, such as:

  1. IPR litigation and enforcement, what costs and which best practices?
  2. Standard setting and IPRs: optimal timing and the role of government
  3. Should universities outsource the management of their patent portfolio?
  4. Economic/financial valuation of IPRs: methodological and practical challenges
  5. Do markets for IPRs really work?
  6. IPRs, entrepreneurship and growth: is there a causal relationship?
  7. Open innovation, new business models and the role of IPRs
  8. On the patentability of sensitive subject matter (BMs, software, genes, plant varieties)
  9. Digital rights, database protection and moral rights
  10. How much quality do we need in IPR systems?
  11. In search for the next generation of IP-based indicators

Parallel and keynote sessions will aim at mixing scholars from various disciplines (law, economics, sociology, and political sciences).

Academic Keynote Speakers will include (non exhaustive list):

  • Prof. Philippe AGHION, Harvard University, USA
  • Prof. Tania BUBELA, University of Alberta, Canada
  • Prof. Graham DUTFIELD, University of Leeds, UK
  • Prof. Alfonso GAMBARDELLA, Bocconi University, Italy
  • Prof. Petra MOSER, Stanford University, USA
  • Prof. Pamela SAMUELSON, UC Berkeley, USA
  • Prof. Joseph STRAUS, Max Planck Institute, Germany and George Washington Un. and Stanford Un., USA
  • Prof. Nicolas VAN ZEEBROECK, Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Prof. Michel VIVANT, Science Po Paris, France
  • Prof. Beth WEBSTER, University of Melbourne, IPRIA, Australia

Keynote Speakers and Panel Members from public and private institutions will include

  • Trevor COOK, Bird & Bird, Partner; President of the AIPPI-UK, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Carsten FINK, World Intellectual Property Office, Chief Economist, Switzerland (tbc)
  • Margot FRÖHLINGER, EC, Director in DG Markt, responsible for the knowledge based economy, Belgium
  • Prof. Michel GOLDMAN, IMI (Innovative Medecine Initiative), Managing Director, EU, Belgium
  • Prof. Stuart GRAHAM, US Patent and Trademark Office, Chief Economist, US
  • Dominique GUELLEC, OECD-DSTI, Head of Unit, France
  • Simon HAMPTON, Google, Director of European Public Policy, Belgium
  • Prof. Robert KISS, ULB, ONCOBEL, Academic inventor and academic entrepreneur, Belgium
  • Michael KOCK, Syngenta, Global Head IP – Seeds and Biotechnology, Switzerland
  • Prof. Muriel MOSER, ULB, FNRS Research Director ; Director of the Immunobiology lab, IBMM,  Belgium
  • Dr. Vincent RYCKAERT, IMEC, IP Business Director, Belgium
  • Jean-François SERRIER, Solvay SA, Senior Exec. Vice President, General Manager Intellectual Assets, Belgium
  • Dr. Nikolaus THUMM, European Patent Office, Chief Economist, Germany
  • Paul VAN DUN, Director of LRD (Leuven Research and Development), KUL, Belgium



About justusb

I'm a PhD Student in Economics at Cerna, Mines ParisTech. I'm interested in patents, standards, and firm cooperations on innovation.
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