Second IMRS-CI Workshop on the Law and Economics of IPR and Competition Law

The workshop will enable a small number of junior researchers from law and from economics to engage in an intensive, rigorous discussion of their own scholarly work. Several senior profes-sors from law and from economics departments in Europe and the United States will provide feedback on the research projects. Commentators include faculty of both hosting institutions as well as Professors Dan L. Burk (University of California at Irvine), Michael Meurer (Boston Uni-versity), and Timothy Simcoe (Boston University). The workshop will be held in Wildbad Kreuth, a lovely region one hour south of Munich, Germany. The organizers will fund travel and hotel expenses for all invited workshop participants.

Excellent junior researchers (doctoral students, postdocs, research fellows and assistant pro-fessors) from law and from economics are invited to submit their application online at After registering a user account, please fill out the “New submission” form. You must attach an extended abstract or a draft pa-per (“Upload Paper”, PDF or Word) as well as a curriculum vitae with a list of two references (“Attachment”, PDF or Word) in order to complete the submission. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted; reference letters are not required at the time of submission. The submission deadline is February 28, 2011. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out by March 21, 2011. Papers are due for circulation among workshop participants and commentators on May 15, 2011. For junior researchers from economics, research projects should relate to industrial or-ganization, competition, innovation and/or intellectual property and may include formal models as well as empirical or experimental approaches. For junior scholars from law, research projects should relate to intellectual property and/or competition law and must use law and economics as a research methodology. In order to achieve a good international mix of workshop participants, submissions from researchers from outside Europe are particularly encouraged.
The International Max Planck Research School for Competition and Innovation is a joint initiative by the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law as well as the Depart-ment of Economics, the Munich School of Management, and the Faculty of Law of the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich. Any questions concerning the workshop should be directed to Prof. Stefan Bechtold,, phone: +41-44-632-2670.


About timpohlmann

Tim Pohlmann is a post-doctoral researcher in economics at Mines ParisTech and Berlin Institute of Technology. He specializes in the economic analysis of markets for technology. He earned his doctoral degree with the highest distinctions in August 2012 from the Berlin Institute of Technology with a dissertation on patenting and coordination in ICT standardization. Tim’s research covers the empirical analysis of the trade of patents, patent trolls, standardization consortia and patent pools. He has presented his work at a large number of international conferences. Tim has been actively involved in preparing studies for the European Commission and the German Federal Government on the role of patents in technological standardization and business models in Open Source Software. Doctoral Thesis SSRN author page
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